I have always believed that an artist should have as much knowledge as possible about every type of artistic expression, and to this end, I have made it my business to further my personal education in as many directions as possible, gaining hands-on experience whenever I can. I have thirty years of experience painting, sketching and sculpting and my work is in collections throughout the world. For me, every piece of art has three elements; you need a great design, an  accomplished technique, and the ability to evoke human emotion. Throughout my career I have enjoyed many aspects of art but the last 8 years I have really enjoyed painting murals and I get lost in myself and the world around me when I am sculpting, using only the simplicity of light and shadow. I have come to relialize that combining these two forms of art, from the planning, to the finished art work, is most rewarding!   
  So whether it is a new build, a renovation, a framed relief, a large mural or a small accent over a door frame, when it comes to your artist vision, we can work together until you are completely satisfied with the finished art work.